mandates that old phone providers cannot refuse to port numbers even if you have an outstanding balance.

To help you with your options, let’s look at what each type of business phone number has to offer and how it can help your business succeed.

Types of Business Phone Numbers

There are four different business phone numbers you can choose. Below we break it down by type and give you insight into what each one might end up costing you.

Local Phone Number

Pretty much anyone can secure a local phone number whether or not it’s for a business. You can get your number from a local phone company, or via Google Voice. The setup is fast, tied to a location via area code of your choice, and you can be up and running the very same day.

Typical cost: $0-10/month

Toll-Free Phone Number

A toll-free number is an 800 number that is location-agnostic. The benefit of a toll-free number is that it can appear more professional to your consumer. You sign up via your phone provider, setup is fast, and you can even have it forwarded to an existing line.

Typical cost: $10/month

Vanity Phone Numbers

A vanity number takes a toll-free experience one step to the next level by providing a memorable string of words or numbers.

For instance, the 1-800-GOT-JUNK phone number is a critical element of the company’s brand.

The reality is that many desired vanity phone numbers have been claimed. However, they may still be available. You may want to use a trustworthy vanity phone number distributor online to acquire the rights to the number first.



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