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High-End Salon Grows Aggressively with VoIP

Terés Nail Bar, a posh nail bar based in the heart of Scottsdale, achieved substantial growth since they upgraded their phone system.

Terés Nail Bar
Terés Nail Bar Established in 2012 PDF Download
Employees 25 Location Scottsdale, AZ
Favorite Features NextOS (Voice), Auto Attendant, Call Forwarding, Analytics

Customer Overview

Terés Nail Bar is a personal beauty business based in Scottsdale, AZ. Nextiva helps them communicate with customers by phone, email, and chat, and reinforces their relationships with customers by automating appointment scheduling and reminders. They measure the customer experience by surveying visitors on the service they’ve received.

Terés has been a Nextiva customer for seven years, starting with Nextiva business phone service and upgrading to the full Nextiva Business Communications Suite, with CRM, LiveChat, Survey and Analytics.


Nextiva places our most relevant customer information at our fingertips - so it’s simple for us to know who they are and how to keep them coming back.

Courtney Steele Founder, terés | a nail bar
Terés launched in 2012


Terés launched in 2012 intending to serve the high-end beauty and health spa clientele in the Scottsdale area. When Founder & President Courtney Steele got the company off the ground, her first order of business was to gain and keep customers.

“We needed a surefire way to keep customers coming back,” Steele says. “Because we don’t have a large marketing or sales budget, our top priority is giving customers a great experience so that we build loyalty, get them to spend more per visit, and provide word-of-mouth referrals for our salon.”

Steele views conversations with customers as opportunities. Every booked appointment means that she can serve more clients and pay her staff competitively. Since every customer interaction affects her bottom line, Steele needed a reliable business communication solution that grows with her business.

For Steele and her small staff, that meant using a business phone system that automated and personalized as much of the customer experience as possible - from scheduling appointments to connecting customers with their stylist of choice.

Nextiva has been a Godsend


According to Steele, Nextiva has been a Godsend in terms of letting the company personalize and enhance their customer experience. “My team and I are always busy,” Steele says. “Nextiva gives us the ability to recognize customers the second they call in, know what services and products they purchased, and expedite the scheduling process.”

Steele also credits Nextiva with making it easier to schedule appointments, view past purchases, identify future upsell opportunities, and survey them on how their experience is going.

“Nextiva places our most relevant customer information at our fingertips,” Steele says. “So it’s easy for us to say, ‘Hey Customer X, you usually get x, y, and z services. Would you like the usual?’ Our customers love that! It places us at a huge advantage over our competition because our clients appreciate that we know them. That’s what keeps them coming back."

Since adopting Nextiva, Terés Nail Bar has continuously grown both revenue and headcount. Steele is confident about Nextiva’s ability to scale with her company. "As our business needs grow, Nextiva grows with us," Steele expressed proudly about her relationship with Nextiva. “They are a small business’s best friend.”

300% growth

3 Takeaways you can pull from this story:

1. 300% growth in revenue since adopting Nextiva.

2. 500% growth in headcount since adopting Nextiva.

3. 700 monthly membership customers.

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